Dental crowns, also known as tooth caps, are made of beautiful, sturdy porcelain. Crowns can be placed on top of dental implants. They can also be placed on the remaining structure of a natural tooth after it has sustained external damage or undergone root canal therapy.

Dental crowns and bridges can be used to fix missing or damaged teeth.

All our dental crowns are carefully designed and constructed with quality material in order to look and feel just like your natural teeth. Chances are, no one will know you have had any dental work at all!

Our porcelain crowns at Beyond Smiles Family Dental and Orthodontics are built not only for beauty but for durability, withstanding your natural biting pressure so you can enjoy chomping down on all your favorite foods.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Crowns can do wonders for your smile both aesthetically and health-wise. Not only do they fill the holes left by trauma, they also help reinforce any areas that have been damaged or weakened by infection. Additionally, dental crowns help create and maintain a healthy chewing surface that’s easy to clean, so you can prevent bacteria buildup and enjoy optimal oral health.

The Dental Crown Placement Procedure

Our porcelain crowns are easily applied over the span of one or two office visits. During your first visit, we’ll take a mold of your teeth, so we can create a crown that fits perfectly. While the permanent crown is being constructed, you’ll be fitted with a temporary one.

If you’re receiving a crown along with a dental implant, the crown will be installed last, after the titanium post has been given time to fuse to your jawbone.

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Our name says it all: we at Beyond Smiles Family Dental and Orthodontics are all about reconstructing and restoring beautiful smiles. Come to our office, email us, or give us a call to schedule your first appointment! Serving patients throughout the Lehi, Highland, and Alpine UT areas.

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