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Sometimes removing an infected or damaged tooth is the best option when it comes to preserving the health and integrity of your whole mouth. This process is called extraction and is nothing to be afraid of. Thanks to modern technology and sophisticated sedation dentistry, extractions are incredibly safe, efficient, and practically painless.

A wisdom tooth extraction or normal tooth extraction is sometimes necessary for patients.

Health Benefits of Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are always done with the health of your whole mouth and body in mind. This procedure can come with many benefits, including:
  • Relief from pain and oral difficulties: Sometimes the best way to relieve intense tooth pain is to remove the tooth altogether. Extractions can also restore full functionality to an overcrowded mouth and correct speech impediments.
  • Prevention of decay and infection: Extraction can be the best way to prevent the spread of infection and disease from one tooth to another. By removing the problem at its place of origin, we significantly increase the body’s chance for a full recovery.
  • Optimal use of space: Tooth extraction is often the solution to an overcrowded mouth. Extraneous teeth that are misaligned or protrusive are at a greater risk of wear and tear and even infection, so extraction can make oral hygiene easier and more effective.

If you need a tooth extracted, you can rest assured that this procedure is the best option for your oral and general health. We’ll be sure to walk you through all your options and help you understand our thought process, so you can be confident in your recovery path.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are an extraneous set of molars that usually grow in between the teenage years and one’s mid-twenties. More often than not, they can become impacted as they attempt to break through the gum line, causing pain and other problems. Removal is usually the best practice to preserve oral health.

At Bateman Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry, we often perform wisdom teeth removals right here in our Lehi office. If you have a tooth that is severely impacted or causing more serious issues, we may refer you to a specialist to ensure your wisdom tooth removal goes smoothly.

Our central goal is to do whatever is best for your oral health. If that means that we tag in a specialist, we are happy to help you get the best care possible.

Find Out if You Need a Tooth Extraction – Contact Us Today!

If you are experiencing any tooth pain or distressing oral symptoms, call our office. We will examine your teeth, diagnose the cause, and give you a list of options that will preserve your oral health and relieve the pain. We are here to help!

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